We are Josh, Lexi, Brooklyn, Conner, and Charlotte, and we make up the McCloy family. We are natives of the Pacific Northwest and had served in our home congregation of Moses Lake until the fall of 2023. We love to travel and have always visited smaller congregations during our vacations. After these visits, we couldn’t forget the folks who would always mention the need for help or the fact that they hadn’t seen children in their building for a very long time. We wanted to help these small groups of believers but were never sure exactly how we could accomplish it.

In 2022, we traveled to Cody, Wyoming, to help an aunt and uncle with the clean-up of some property in the area. That is where we met folks from the local congregation and found out that there was a ministry that the elders there oversaw that did similar work to the one that we wanted to engage in. After some conversations back and forth and a lot of time in prayer, we sold our home at the beginning of 2023 and moved to Wyoming to work in a part-time capacity with the congregation there. We will begin our part of The Barnabas Journey in April 2024, where we will be on the road for 6 months, working with small, remote congregations in the greater Northwest.

Our hope and prayers are that we can serve where we are needed most and that we can be effective servants in the Lord's kingdom as we begin this work. There is a lot that goes into the planning and financial aspect of this work, but it is much more on our heart that we simply bring glory to God no matter the situation or the obstacles that will no doubt be present along the way. If you know of a congregation that could benefit from our help, please reach out to us and let's make a plan for the future, Grace and Peace to you.