Unexpected Inconveniences and Faith

Published on 19 April 2024 at 10:26

This is the 3rd week into our work, and we successfully moved from Moses Lake, WA over to our 6-week station in Spokane Valley, WA. Since then, I have had to replace the 2-stage regulator on the propane system and our refrigerator has given up its ghost. The hail has come down a couple times and it is a chilly spring here in the PNW. Overall, this isn't the beginning we were hoping for BUT we are grateful none of these things are actually real issues, they are just inconvenient, and I praise God for his watch and caring for us.

Last night, Conner and I participated in a men’s study hosted by one of the elders. We delved into Matthew 16 and 17, engaging in two hours of thoughtful discussion. Our conversation led us down the path of exploring faith—specifically, the immense potential that lies within stronger faith in God. We contemplated what could be achieved if we fully trusted in His wisdom and remained steadfast.

God has equipped us with everything we need to stand firm against the adversary and withstand his attacks. However, sometimes we stumble when we allow footholds—when we neglect essential pieces of spiritual armor due to our own lack of trust. My prayer is that we all remain vigilant in this ongoing battle, recognizing that our strength comes from the Almighty rather than our own flawed abilities. Let us have unwavering faith and with that.... Wage War!

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Jimmy Taylor
3 months ago

Josh, we're sorry that these problems have come along with the RV. I know you can and will handle them.

Even with these issues though, you have maintained your focus of why the McCloys are out on the road. We're praying for you guys and the work you're doing.

Jon and Allison VanGrimbergen
3 months ago

We are very proud of you all and are so grateful for a spiritually minded family. You are an inspiration and we pray that the rest of the time on the road will be met with less hassle and that your glory to God shines through. We love you all!! Stay strong and remain faithful and God will truly bless you.