The Greatest Command

Published on 28 April 2024 at 17:55

 In a spirit of gratitude and with a heart full of appreciation, I share our recent experience in the Spokane Valley. In my last entry, unexpected issues arose with our refrigerator. The cooling unit had failed, leaving us in a bit of a predicament. After thoughtful consideration and some prayer, we made the decision to proceed with the repair.

 During this time, the elders of this congregation stepped forward with kindness and generosity. They asked to assist us with the repair costs, which we joyfully accepted.

 Witnessing the love of God in action through this group of compassionate individuals has been truly uplifting. Their support has been a tremendous blessing to my family and me.

 This morning, the sermon was about loving God with all that we are, about how this relationship we have with him is a covenantal one, much like a marriage bond that we have entered into that is based on his love for us and what he has asked us to do is love him back with all of our being, passion and intensity. When we love God in this way, he will be involved in every aspect of our lives, most assuredly in the way that we treat other people, especially those in the body of Christ. 

 My hope and prayer is that God is seen in the way that I treat people, but especially those people that I claim to have a familial bond with, that when it comes down to actualizing my faith that the picture people see is one that gives them a small glimpse into who this Jesus is that I preach about.  John's first epistle says it best " If I don't love my brother who I can see, how can I love God who I cannot?"

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