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Published on 7 June 2024 at 17:28

 The end of the school year finally came. The kids wrapped up their work and we celebrated with them at a couple of events that were close by (Silverwood and a baseball game). We also had a couple of friends come up from Moses Lake and were camping in the area close to us, so we got to share some time and a couple of meals together. God is good and we appreciate the godly fellowship that we are able to have with his people all over the area and the love and hospitality that comes from them. 

 Speaking of fellowship, it is worth pointing out that since we have been in the Spokane area, we have been able to visit with more than just the specific congregations that we had traveled here for. Different groups meet at various times throughout the week and during Sunday afternoons, so we have had the opportunity to visit with a total of 5 different bodies during our stay here.

 Whether it is a mid-week study time, men's study time or a Sunday evening gathering, we have been blessed to be able to be with one of these groups on the map above. For the most part these have all been great times with God's people and we hope that we have encouraged folks wherever we visited. It is great to be able to share the work we are doing with them and be a source of joy and building up.

 We only have two more Sundays with the Westside church of Christ, this Sunday and the following we will be going through the second and third letters of John during our class time. Both have to do with the idea of fellowship and what message we should be partakers in. That message is the undeniable gospel of Jesus Christ, who he was, how he came, what he did and what is made possible through him, John says if someone teaches something more or less than who Christ is, then you shouldn't have anything to do with them, that they are Anti-Christ (against Christ).

 It is important to remember that this fellowship, this common bond we have with one another isn't because we found a "great group of folks", even though lately I have been finding more and more of them. It is a fellowship that is in Jesus, we are brought together in this common belief that he is the Christ, he died, rose again and is seated at the right hand of God. 

 It is only in that good news of Jesus coming and being Lord that we have that fellowship, if I am against Christ, then that fellowship doesn't really exist between Him and I, which therefore makes my relationship between his people a cheap imitation.

 But, Like John, let us rejoice greatly when we find his people walking in the truth, let's encourage them, show them hospitality and share in the work where we can.   

 God be glorified in all things; I love you all! 


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